Returning from Vacation or Travel?

Vacationing or returning from Travelling abroad means that YOU ARE A HIGH RISK TO OTHERS. Further, waiting in the customs area exposes you to many other international travelers of unknown risk levels.

Self Quarantine for 14 days
Each country has set it’s guidelines, however Self Quarantine for 14 days is becoming the standard. It is best to check local news as the guidelines can change quickly.

Best practices to help prevent spread:

  • Avoid all non-essential travel to other countries. By travelling you are increasing your risk of becoming infected and taking a chance on not being able to return to your country as many international flights are being cancelled. Many countries are urging their citizens to return home while they can.
  • Avoid all cruise ship travel.
  • When returning home from abroad, self quarantine for 14 days.
  • Wash your hands as needed – Take the short course on this to know how and when to.
  • Cough and sneeze into your sleeve or bent elbow.
  • Monitor yourself closely for any symptoms including fever, cough and/or difficulty breathing.
  • Immediately call your healthcare provider or public health authority if you develop a fever, cough and/or have difficulty breathing.
    • Inform them of your symptoms and travel history.
  • Follow their instructions.